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Our Mission

The Salt Lake Film Society is the premiere film establishment of our community. We promote diversity of film exhibition and creation. We educate, advocate, and inform about and through cinema. We foster film talent and cultivate film appreciation and participation. Our programs and venues ensure that the potent ideas and voices of film are accessible to our community.

Our Theaters
Broadway Centre Cinemas

Historic Broadway Centre
Located in the heart of the capitol city of Salt Lake (300 S. 111 E.), the Broadway Centre Cinemas was once a standard run-of-the-mill movie theater run by a corporate entity from California.  In November, 2001 Salt Lake Film Society took over the space and began expanding their purpose to ensure art access in cinema.  Complete with local Rimini Coffee specialty drinks, unique concessions,  a space to converse with fellow film-lovers, this six-screen cinema has allowed SLFS to bring more than 1700 titles, both free and first-run to the community, thereby expanding the film fostering programs like Big Pictures Little People and the Utah Screenwriters Project.

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Tower Theatre

Historic Tower photo 1931
Located in the hip 9th and 9th neighborhood of Salt Lake, this early 20th century historic theater is the one of the last theaters of it's generation still functioning as a fisrt-run cinema outlet.  Subsidized by generous membership contributions and grants, this venue continues to thrive as a gem that harkens back to an era of walkable neighborhoods and local entertainment.  The rental library available is one of the rarest collections available in our region, complete with a monthly free rental selection of a highlighted country thanks to your support of Zoo Arts and Parks.

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Our Board

Board of Directors
Kris Liacopoulos
Paul Liacopoulos
Peter Kelson
Tori A. Baker, Executive Director
Justina Parsons-Berenstein
Jeff Breglio
Alison McFarlane
Jim Bramble
Thomas Guthrie

Advisory Board
Barbara Boyle
Ian Calderon
Rep. Jackie Biskupski
John Kindred
Keith Gordon
Scott Ulbrich
Seth Jarvis
Trevor Groth

A message from our Chair,
Kris Liacopoulos

*    I am so pleased and even downright amazed to see the Salt Lake Film Society today, especially as I remember that night my brother Paul came to me over 10 years ago and said, "We've got to save the Tower!"  When we wrote those personal checks and got those loans, we did so with the hope that our community would believe in the importance of coming back to and supporting the Tower and art, independent and foreign film in Salt Lake.   

Within a couple of years, we knew our community indeed felt it was important, and furthermore viewed our independence from Hollywood mainstream multiplexes and films as a valuable community asset.  That is when we explored adding more screens and creating the SLFS with a core mission of building community engagement and general appreciation for film exhibition and creation.   

Now, several years later, through a lot of hard work from our board and our staff, great leadership from our Executive Director Tori Baker, and fantastic support from our members and community at large, we continue to ensure that our community has access to diverse voices through films that might not otherwise make it to Salt Lake.   

Film is such an important communication medium -- it captures our imaginations, provides inspiration, and informs us of important stories needing to be told.  Finally, it records our cultures and our histories in intensely personal ways and brings them to life when projected on screen.  When there are no longer living survivors of World War II or the holocaust, many individual stories will transcend time to be told again and again, in their own voices, because they are recorded on film.  

At the Salt Lake Film Society, we are honored to be part of the foundational concept of freedom of speech that is so important to our democracy.  Thank you for being a part of our story through your engagement, support and patronage. 

Sincerely, Kris


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Salt Lake Film Society
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Robin M. Woods with children at Big Pictures LIttle People

"Salt Lake Film Society pledges to continue being a trusted community partner in the arts and presenting the best in American independent, international and documentary cinema and regional film fostering, education and culturally diverse programs.  This we pledge as it is the core of our purpose.  Please share your thoughts with us EMAIL the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Tori A. Baker