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Salt Lake Film Society (SLFS) was founded by a mission-driven board of directors and community-minded film enthusiasts in 2001 to provide independent, foreign and documentary film as well as related cultural and educational programs to Salt Lake County residents all year round. SLFS started with one run-down theater, a rare video collection and a mission to fill in an artistic and cultural cinematic gap that existed in our state. Since then, SLFS has grown and over 160,000 patrons enjoyed our “Year Round Film Festival” at the Historic Tower Theatre and Broadway Centre Cinemas and our 12 educational, low-income access and film fostering programs around the county and the state.  Over 18,000 individuals each year attend free screenings at our venues and in our traveling programs. SLFS is a community link to experience diverse artistic voices and ensures Utah's minority or diverse demographics have opportunities to see their culture represented through the moving image.  SLFS combines purpose with community need to create a unique environment of challenge, discussion or growth in different experiences in the motion picture arts.  To learn more about supporting SLFS by becoming a member, volunteer or sponsor call 801-746-0038 or visit