Fostering local Utah film writers through a year-long community workshop where selected participants begin with a regional film concept and develop a full-length motion picture screenplay by graduation one year later. Professional mentors from LA and NYC participate to offer insight into what it is like to be a working screenwriter. Local producers participate in a pitch session evening to hear writers' movie concepts. At graduation, a reading from each completed script is given by talented local actors.

"Since winning the fellowship, I have been asked to co-write two other projects, and last year I directed my first feature film. I enjoyed the program and learned so much, I would recommend it to beginners and veterans alike... it just works!" -- Kelly King 2007/2008 screenwriting participant and fellowship winner.

2009/2010 Screenwriting Participants

Writers at a workshop

  • Aaron Nelson
  • Andy Myers
  • Barbara Mellen
  • Chris Morgan
  • Curtis Russell
  • Dennis Larson
  • Dustin Puttuck
  • Faith Satterthwaite
  • Jason Cameron
  • Jim Henderson
  • Larry Lystrup
  • Leo Dirr
  • Lucy Ridolphi
  • Mark Miller
  • Marty Spradlin
  • Nan Weber
  • Nicholas Dunn
  • Pablo Aranda
  • Rachel Carter
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Skye Emerson
  • Whitney Hancock

2007/2008 Screenwriting Fellows

USP writer Heather Lichtey
In order to become an official Utah Screenwriters Project fellow, writers must complete the one year program and graduate with a full-length motion picture screenplay.   The following participants were successful at reaching their goals!  If you are interested in contacting a writer regarding their script, please contact Jim.

Updating the list of 08 graduates soon!

2005/2006 Screenwriting Fellows

USP member and later mentor Jared Baxter with other writers
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