Salt Lake Film Society is the premiere film establishment of our community. We promote diversity of film exhibition and creation. We educate, advocate, and inform about and through cinema. We foster film talent and cultivate film appreciation and participation. Our programs and venues ensure that the potent ideas and voices of film are accessible to our community.

Salt Lake Film Society (SLFS) was founded by a mission-driven board of directors and community-minded film enthusiasts in 2001 to provide independent, foreign and documentary film as well as related cultural and educational programs to Salt Lake County residents all year round. We started out with one run-down theater, a rare video collection and a mission to fill in an artistic and cultural cinematic gap that existed in our state. The people of Salt Lake County embraced our cause and have supported us from the beginning. In 2008, over 165,000 county patrons enjoyed our “year round film festival” at the Historic Tower Theatre and Broadway Centre Cinemas and our 12 educational, low-income access and film fostering programs around the county and the state. We accomplished this through nothing more than hard work and a solid grassroots plan involving full-time dedication.

We believe film is an accessible form of artistic experience. Film presentation theaters around the nation look to Salt Lake Film Society as a successful model. The combination of community focus and traditional film presentation is rare and what we have accomplished over the course of our eight-year history is unique.

In addition to our 365 day a year film offerings, we run 12 community education, low-income access and film fostering programs including: The year-long “Utah Screenwriters Project” which mentors 30 screenwriters in an intensive workshop environment; “Big Pictures Little People”which treats at-risk and under-served children to artful family films for free; “Local Open Screen” which provides a free venue for local filmmakers to screen their works to an interested public; “Visiting Film Artists& Panels” which brings access of working film artists to the public; and “Wassail & Waffles Holiday Film Series” which features free classic films and holiday treats.

Salt Lake Film Society takes very serious charge of serving low-income and under-served populations for access to free films. Over 18,000 individuals each year attend free screeningsat our venues and in our traveling programs. We ensure access to experience diverse artistic voices and ensure Utah's minority or diverse demographics have opportunities to see their culture represented through the moving image. We combine purpose with community need to create a unique environment of challenge, discussion or growth in different experiences in the motion picture arts.


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Ø      Big Pictures Little People

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Ø      Visiting Film Artists & Panels

Ø      Local Open Screen Night


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Ø      Tower at Midnight Series - Summer of 35MM and Tower of Terror

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 Ø      Official Venues for Sundance Film Festival

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Salt Lake Film Society uses local vendors whenever available.



Build in 1931, the Tower Theatre was a classic one screen movie house that had some of the best films of the early century.  In the early twentieth century the film exhibition industry was considerably different than it is today, where multi-plex theaters are the standard fare.  An evening at the Tower might have included any number of the stars of the age. 

After years of running independent film in the late eighties and early nineties, the Tower began to decline.  The building had some much needed repair work to be made and the video collection, which was extremely popular with the college crowd, was not sustaining the operational costs.  In a measure of desperation, the company that owned the business operating the Tower began to look for avenues of revenue expansion that did not include film.  Seats were removed from isles and an infamous Vanilla Ice concert took place in the nineties that began to put the venue at risk for the community turning against their support of it.  In 1999, Paul Liacopoulos, an avid film fan got together with his sister Kris Liacopoulos and bought the business and video library.  Paul and Kris were passionate about film access in our community and began to build strong relationships with Hollywood distributors working in independent film.  In 2000, after struggling for a year, it became apparent that a new model of thinking was in order if the venue was to survive.  Under the realization that what they were giving the community was really based on a mission, Paul and Kris decided to make it offical and apply to the IRS for a not-for-profit status to continue making sure the Tower could operate as a theater and remain a historic gem in the city.  Nonprofit status was awarded in 2001, and under the direction of Brooke Harper, the new Executive Director, the first board of directors was chosen and began getting to work on expansion and mission.

Salt Lake Film Society is looking for recorded testimony of any individuals that remember the Tower Theatre in the early days.  Please contact Jim if interested in sharing your local historic experiences in film.

Located in the hip 9th and 9th neighborhood of Salt Lake, this early 20th century historic theater is the one of the last theaters of it's generation still functioning as a fisrt-run cinema outlet.  Subsidized by generous membership contributions and grants, this venue continues to thrive as a gem that harkens back to an era of walkable neighborhoods and local entertainment.  The rental library available is one of the rarest collections available in our region, complete with a monthly free rental selection of a highlighted country thanks to your support of Zoo Arts and Parks


In 2001, the Salt Lake Film Society board of directors took the opportunity to expand the mission and moved into an old vacated six-plex cinema in the heart of our Capitol City.  What was once a standard run-of-the-mill movie theater run by a corporate entity from California became the home to SLFS offices and a successful exhibition model that helps fund the continuance of the SLFS mission. 

Many members of the community may recall the Broadway Centre when it was much like you see in this photo.  Salt Lake Film Society is looking for your stories and memories about our theaters. Please contact JIM if you are intersted in sharing your local history with us.

In November, 2001 Salt Lake Film Society took over the space and began expanding their purpose to ensure art access in cinema.  Complete with local Rimini Coffee specialty drinks, unique concessions,  a space to converse with fellow film-lovers, this six-screen cinema has allowed SLFS to bring more than 1700 titles, both free and first-run to the community, thereby expanding the film fostering programs like Big Pictures Little People and the Utah Screenwriters Project

Our Board of Directors

Kris Liacopoulos, Board Chair


Normal 0 Kris Liacopoulos grew up in Salt Lake City, and she earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors from the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business.  Her professional experience spans a variety of positions and industries.  Key experiences include significant roles in both human resources management as well as general management in organizations such as Iomega Corporation, Fidelity Investments, and the David Eccles School at the University of Utah.  She currently serves as the Vice President of Sales for Fidelity Investments’ Salt Lake division. 


Community activities include non-profit board participation and other volunteer work.  Board assignments have included serving as the chair of the University of Utah’s Business Alumni Association board of directors, chair of the board for the Salt Lake Film Society (which grew out of Kris and her brother Paul’s ownership of the Tower Theatre business) and participation with Equality Utah’s Board of Directors.  Her interests include history, archaeology, and human behavior. 

Tori A. Baker, Executive Director

A Utah native, Tori graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor in Film Studies as well as Anthropology. 

Executive Director with over 10 years not-for-profit film/world event and cultural institutions experience. Current director of the Salt Lake Film Society. She has been a political grassroots fund raising/development consultant. Experience in generating organizational support, community development and long-term planning. Budget management; including tax processing, payroll and audits comes from years with nonprofits like the Sundance Institute, political campaigns, Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games as well as Muscular Dystrophy Association.  She manages and motivates Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Expert time-manager, staff motivator and creative leader. Press and media relations experience associated with community programs and venue operations.

As a leader I strive to achieve goals through creative team management and motivation of boards, committees, staff and donors. I am driven by community, a passion for not-for-profit mission with local and world vision. I place importance on time management and believe above all that balancing work ethic and personal fulfillment is the key to success. My goal is to look to the future with my strong organizational roots, build from solid foundations of creative experience and balance positive work ethic to achieve a position that will ensure long-term personal growth and stability.

Paul Liacopoulos, Secretary

Peter Kelson, Treasurer

Justina Parsons-Berenstein

Jeff Breglio, Esq.

Jeffrey S. Breglio, a graduate of BYU Law School and local entertainment lawyer, specializes in film production. Mr. Breglio has worked with most local, independent film production companies. His services range from corporate formation, investor relations and securities filings, copyright and trademark to all production needs including producer and director agreements, cast, crew and SAG agreements, location and art releases, sound engineering, editing and composer agreements, music licensing and distribution agreements. Knowing the budget constraints of independent films and the importance of retaining competent counsel, Mr. Breglio provides excellent services that producers desperately need and at rates producers can afford. His clients include: Halestorm Entertainment (The Singles Ward, The RM, The Home Teachers, Suits on the Loose, Church Ball), GO Entertainment (Saints and Soldiers), Blue Crow Productions (Baptists at our Barbecue), Fresh Mex Productions (Sons of Provo), Candlelight Media (Love Surreal) and many others. He has also represented record labels, a distribution company, authors, screenwriters and artists. His information can be found at bregliolaw.com or on the LDSfilm.com and film.utah.gov websites.

Alison McFarlane

Alison McFarlane joined the SLFS board in 2007. Currently the Director of Institutional Marketing and Communications for Salt Lake Community College, she lends marketing, public and media relations skills to the SLFS. She is the former Senior Advisor for Economic Development for the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office. While public relations is her profession, story is her passion. "Being connected to SLFS has allowed me to learn about the heart and soul of how film is created, distributed, presented and appreciated."

James Bramble, Esq.

James Bramble received his bachelor's of science degree in political
science with a minor in Spanish from the University of Utah in Salt Lake
City. Three years later, he received his Juris Doctorate in Law from the
University of Utah College of Law where he was actively involved in
numerous student organizations.

Prior to USANA, James was employed with Novus Services. In addition, he
served as a judicial intern with the Utah Court of Appeals as well as an
intern for Catholic Community Services as an immigration law clerk. He
is currently the vice president and general counsel for USANA Health
Sciences where he oversees many important legal aspects of the company's
business practices, including Associate compliance, litigation,
intellectual property, regulatory, international development, government
relations, and Associate education. He uses this legal background along
with a lifelong love and interest in film to help the Film Society in
his role as board memeber.

Moreover, James is a very involved member of his community. Having run
political campaigns for the Utah State Legislature and participated in
numerous capacities in his community, he also has taught American
National Government as an adjunct instructor at Salt Lake Community

Thomas Guthrie


Normal 0 Salt Lake Film Society main contact:

Tori A. Baker
Executive Director
Office: 801-364-1088

Fax: 801-363-8022


Salt Lake Film Society Advisory Board:

Rep. Jackie Biskupski

Utah House of Representatives

AA for James M. Winder, Sheriff


Barbara Boyle

Chair of the UCLA Department of

Film, Television and Digital Media


Ian Calderon

Director of Digital Initiatives
Sundance Institute


Keith Gordon


“Singing Detective”

“Waking the Dead”

“Mother Night”

“A Midnight Clear”


Trevor Groth

Artistic Director for Cinevegas

Senior Programmer,Sundance Institute


Seth Jarvis

Executive Director, Clark Planetarium


John Kindred   Johnk@vanmedia.com

Partner, Vanguard Media


Salt Lake Film Society staff is made up of dedicated film enthusiasts.  You won't find your run-of-the-mill theater kids on this staff! 

Volunteers make up the core heart of our organization and we thank each person that donates their valued time to our efforts.  If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us.

Tori A. Baker

Amy Beth Leber

Jim Faulkner

Andik Wijaya

Stephen Simmons

Dylan Ijams